Early Bird Booking

We offer early bird booking discounts. They are an excellent opportunity for you to have a dream holiday for the whole family. All the extras of the Prestige City 1 Suites Hotel are available at a decent price. If you have already decided w...

May holidays special offer

Indulge in the late spring charm of the seaside. No crowds of holidaymakers yet, so the beach and the whole resort are all yours. Enjoy the peaceful romantic atmosphere. Relax nonchalantly while the Prestige City 1 Hotel staff organises ev...

20.05.2016 - 24.03.2016

Bonus nights

Would you like to have a long seaside holiday? We believe you would say “Yes” We are offering you bonus nights so that you can have a longer holiday.

Follow our offers for “early bird” bookings and discounted holidays in certain periods such as spring or the beginning of the season. This is an option for a bargain vacation.
If you want to use the premises of the Prestige City 1 Hotel for conference tourism or the celebration of a wedding, anniversary, etc. please feel free to request an offer.